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          Capturing your memories with your special someone or literally the love of your life is a precious art form! Most couples come to me for their engagement session (included in some of the wedding packages) and explain they have never done this before and are scared of feeling awkward. I get it! I'm the most awkward person in front of the camera that will ever exist and I have enough people that can confirm it. Feeling anxious about something new is normal. We are all humans. And guess what? It is all good! "My job isn't to put you at ease", like I heard Annie Leibovitz, renouned celebrity photographer (Vogue/Vanity Fair) say first hand when she visited Atlanta, GA. I not only want to capture your likeness, but your feelings, personality and that specific moment you are going through in your life. The best way to make it happen, is to consider your couples session like a date. You know when sometimes, you bring your best friend along, so they won't feel left out? In this case, I'm your best friend!.

          We can hike, explore a national park together or stroll through the city. Take a boat, camp out or dance in the rain. Stop at a coffee shop or a pub or even jump into a lake unexpectedly. Feeling fashionable? Let's plan something more editorial. I live for some studio portraits too! Quirky couple? I gotcha! I'm game for in home sessions, fun outings and more intimate sessions and even couples boudoir. You do you and I`ll be there, like a fly on the wall, giving you prompts, letting you enjoy it for a little bit and then adjusting settings and angles for the best possible result. At the end, you'll be craving more and wanting to do it again every year! Yes, these words actually came out of one of my clients mouth! He was dreading the session but went for it anyway to please his fiancee. At the end, he wanted to go ahead and schedule another session, this time, on his terms. That's how comfortable and happy they were after an hour walking around and hugging each other, taking deep breaths together and enjoying a couple of piggy back rides.

         Couple`s sessions are great for engagements, anniversaries, proposals and surprise proposals or even just because! The great think about it is how you get to relive that experience when you look at the images and bond over how excited and in love you were back then (and still are). Personally, I feel it strengthens a relationship. Take it from me. I've been married for 10 years! It is something fun and exciting to plan, a great memory attached to emotional moments and a cute piece of art to hang on the wall of your first place together, family home, holiday cards or to have at your office. Many couples display these images at their weddings too! Carry that little piece of happiness with you throughout the years! You'll end up loving the images and experience even more every year as you take a moment to remember it!

          Most couples spend an average of $750 for an hour long lifestyle session and full gallery. A retainer and a signed contract is needed in order to reserve your date and plan your session. We highly recommend our clients to book bridal/groom sessions, engagements, pre or post wedding sessions to enjoy the full experience. Sessions can be booked from weeks to months in advance and payment plans are available. Book a wedding with us and get 10% off any session within the same year. We value your support and friendship and offer special rates to returning clients. My team and I are available to travel and love destination sessions too! For booking or questions, email

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