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           Family photography has a special place in my heart. I believe the right moment to schedule your photoshoot with your loved ones is always NOW. It is not when you lose weight, not after your baby arrives, not when you can buy that one outfit you've been dreaming of, not when your house is clean, not when the weather is warmer or cooler, not when things get better. The time is NOW! Why? I have photography many families and often, the regret they have is not having done their session before or even periodically. You can always make more money, but you cannot get that moment back. Don't wait until you believe the leaves are turning and you need holiday cards. Don't wait until the baby is finally walking or until you become more confident about your looks. This is the right time. I promise you!

          Don't believe me? Let me tell you a story. Once upon a time, a mother found out the beloved baby in her belly had less than two weeks to live. The first thing that mother thought wasn't how much weight she gained that pregnancy. Her first thought is "I want to remember my child, how much we love her and how special she is FOREVER." That mother is me! Long story short and dozens of thousands of dollars later, the baby survived and is now an adorable four year old girl, but she overcame many obstacles and registering every milestone now has a whole new meaning.

          Every family has their own reason why they should book a session. But I know first hand how priceless professional photos of your loved ones are. It was May 2018 when my older daughter was diagnosed with leukemia. She was always the healthy one and the news were definitely a shock. I mean, what are the odds of a lightening striking the same place twice? More than you think. Again, my very first thought was that I didn't have any photos with my little girl. I had photos of her but I wasn't included in them as I wasn't feeling very confident about my looks after two pregnancies in a row. But that shouldn't have mattered. Now Erin was feeling weak and it was too hot for her to be photographed outdoors and she was getting really sick during car rides. Luckily, she did well with treatments and is now almost done with chemo, but it`s been a ride. You bet I documented as much as I can of all of our precious moments together. We just never know what tomorrow will bring.

          I want to make sure you understand the fragility of life and how time does not forgive us. This is not just my reality, but the reality of many clients that come to me to make sure they have their family photos taken or call back to. check if I have the image of someone special whom attended their wedding and has no recent photograph. Get your phone and take that selfie with your whole family, your kids, your sisters, your mother, your best friend and everyone you love! Now, are you looking for a photographer with your best interest in heart? Then let's talk! I want to celebrate your moments with you, show you how much you're loved through your children's eyes, make you dance without music on the top of a mountain and never forget that special day! The session you have to pay for, but the super boost in your confidence and new friendship is free!

          During your session, I`ll focus on the connection in between your family members. I`ll focus on the joy of the moment while also providing a couple of traditional photos as a bonus. The wind is my friend and I love the movement it brings to the scene, so no need to be fidgety. While group photos is the main focus, individual images of each human and pet in the session may also be provided. It`s all about having fun, enjoying the time you have together and having a memorable experience. 

          Before our session we will discuss if a documentary approach (my absolute favorite) or a fine art portrait vibe is the best option for you. Sessions start at $750 for the hour and up to 30 images. Additional time and images may be purchased upon request, These sessions are ideal for families, grandparents, mommy and me / parent and me, graduates, fresh 48, maternity, adoptions, a day in life documentary, destination trips and just because. Also available for holiday cards and seasonal portraits. I don't believe in mini or half sessions as I can only devote myself 100% to everything I do, specially capturing your family. However, I do offer yearly milestone coverage which allows me to meet you 4 times a year for a quick session update. Sessions are offered outdoors, in home or studio. Travel fees may apply. A free consultation is included with every session to discuss outfit choices, photography style and preferred location and time. For booking or questions click here.

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