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@2017 Nathalia Frykman Photography LLC. Atlanta, Georgia. 770.243.0745


Also servicing New York, DC, Miami, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Charleston.

Lifestyle Session Guide

          First of all, thank you so much for finding your way here. Whether you have been recommended from a friend, found me on social media, or searched your way through seemingly hundreds of photographers to find your way here, I am so grateful for the chance to connect with you.


          Finding a photographer you resonate with is a journey worth taking and I am so glad you found something in my work that sparked a little light within you. Taking photos is my passion and I would love to be able to showcase you and your loved ones in a way that sparks that same joy within you when you receive the final images that will freeze the moments you look to preserve.

          This guide is here to help you get to know me a little more and understand what the experience of working with me is like. In viewing this guide, I hope you feel that little spark shine brighter as you read about how incredible your experience has the potential to be. If that spark tends to dim out as you continue, I know there is another photographer out there who will be better suited to let your spark burn bright! I want to be sure we have the same vision for your session so you are left with both beautiful memories and timeless images that you will cherish forever.

About Me

Things you should know.

          My name is Nathalia and my photography journey started quite a long time ago. Lifestyle sessions are special to me in part due to my background in communications and how things should be left as they are when it comes to photojournalism. Capturing the raw, real moments is what makes history. And I'm a fan of facts as much as I am of Art.