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Tailored Design Editorial // Atlanta Branding & Fashion Photographer

Updated: Feb 10, 2020

Hey, Beautiful People! I'm super excited to share some of my most recent Fashion & Branding work in collaboration with outstanding creative professionals from the Atlanta area. The star of this shoot was the international actress and model Nathalie Muitoro who brought her Brazilian-Colombian heat to this session all the way from South America. Dressed by Tailored Design, the hot brand created by Tamara Johnson, Nathalie was glammed up by beauty expert Tasha Norris and styled/produced by Bianca Perea (whom I had the pleasure to photograph as a Bride last year) and Annie Chisca.

This fun photoshoot took place in Historic Roswell at Circle + Moon and had as a goal to bring together a group of multicultural creative female entrepreneurs collaborating behind the scenes in a much bigger project. This was a great opportunity to capture stunning images to brand not only Tailored Design but also showcase Nathalie Muitoro's talent. Branding sessions are an amazing way to create customized content for social media and marketing for different sorts of professionals. Traditional headshots may be a little too harsh for laid back peeps in the age of Instagram, so lifestyle sessions make it easier to let your personality shine through and add value to products or services all at once.

This year begun with a huge boom in inquiries and bookings for branding sessions and you'll be seeing many more of these in the blog soon. One of the things I recommend before showing up for your shoot is discussing your brand and intention with the photographer and planning everything ahead. This will help your website, instagram and brand as a whole to look coercive, gain more credibility and perceived value almost instantly. However, it is vital to choose the style of imagery that best resonates with your clientele and that starts by choosing the right photographer.

If your ideal client is down to earth, artsy, creative, laid back, body positive, youthful (not necessarily young in age but at heart) and a tad open-minded, then we are a great match! From the tones in the photos to the care free lifestyle shooting style, well create trendy, fun and valuable content together and as a result, you'll be one step closer from reaching your business goals! And above all, well have a blast in the process! Each session is definitely a priceless experience.

How long does a branding session last? It depends. From 30 minutes monthly sessions to huge once in a lifetime productions, it all depends on goals and budget. Big productions may take a full day to photograph and weeks in post production so it is advised to be done seasonally, while more personal content can be created weekly or monthly. A combo of seasonal super productions generating new and exclusive content and more occasional smaller sessions are highly recommended in order to keep your brand relevant.

Are you a local shop, boutique, entrepreneur, beauty professional, blogger, influencer, designer, creative or just love sharing quality content on your accounts? Email us know and ask about our Branding program. Photo and Video content creation packages are available and a huge network of professionals are waiting to work with you through through Nathalia Frykman Photography LLC. Due to limited availability, please consider booking in advance.

Tamara, Tasha and Nathalie having fun during the shoot.

Enough about branding. Are you in love with all these amazing outfits yet? To me, it was love at first sight! Keep scrolling for more inspiration!

From outdorsy free-spirited fun to a fancy night out, these looks are just amazing and fit Nathalie perfectly! Boutiques and clothing labels easily cut down on stress when hiring us for fashion photography. We connect you to models, stylists, HMUA and producers while creating amazing photo and video content for you and your business.

We at Nathalia Frykman Photography LLC are big fans of wellness, mental health awareness and all that brings you good vibes. We welcome yoga instructors, counselors, trainers and podcasters to discuss branding sessions with us and how to get out of that creative or booking rut. Time to take deep breathes and let your business blossom,

We have the best time working with models and up and coming actors in the busy Hollywood of the South (aka Atlanta) creating relevant content to keep their social media and IMDB pages up to date in style.

Tamara and Nathalie holding hands after a busy day at our midcentury modern lifestyle studio at Circle + Moon in Roswell, Georgia. Having full access to a beautifully staged studio makes all the difference. A calm place for our meetings pre-shoot and time to set up without rushing is key.

Fun headshots and impromptu pics with the studio artwork just for fun. Why not?

Huge Thanks to the creative team behind the scenes: Annie Chisca, Tasha Norris, Nathalia Frykman (this snowflake in the middle, because some self love is important), Tamara Johnson and Bianca Perea, And thanks Nathalie Muitoro for putting up with us!

Nathalia Frykman Photography LLC is a team of photographers specialized in wedding and branding photography based in the Atlanta area, GA, USA. Photographing alternative, destination and intimate weddings and elopements is what we love most! Branding rad creatives is just as rad too! Follow us on and to see more and learn about our specials. Our studio is currently located in Roswell, GA and consultation appointments are available upon request. We value our multicultural clients and are proud LGBTQ+ allies.

Nathalia Frykman is a multiple award winning and internationally published photographer, mother and wife. She speaks a handful of languages and is a big advocate for diversity and representativity on media and in life! Nathalia enjoys documenting precious moments and capturing deep nuances of diverse personalities in her images. Her mission is to provide you a great experience and make you proud to show off your wedding photos. She has a strong documentary influence and while she focus on lifestyle photography most of the time, she also loves portraiture and fashion photography.

Her emotional photography style translates your feelings and personality into a timeless piece of art!

Nathalia Frykman`s work has been featured on

LooksLikeFilm, Junebug Weddings, Black Nuptials, Offbeat Bride, Southern Bride and Sisters in Law.

Also seen on Zola, The Knot , Wedding Wire , Badass Bride , Dancing With Her , The Big Fake Wedding , White Magazine , Hooray Magazine , Pinterest , Wedding Lovely , Black Bride , Ayme Magazine , Daily Dog Tag , Embrace Beauty , Lace in Light , Mama Needs a Cocktail and several others.

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