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All You Need to Know About First Looks

Updated: Feb 10, 2020

The First Look is a magical intimate moment, full of emotion. It is a nice alternative for the couple to get the best out of their wedding coverage taking beautiful photos and enjoying a moment alone, which is rare thing during the wedding day. A first look is one of the most emotional moments during the day when the couple have a couple of minutes to look at each other and let their love show without anyone around to inhibit that. I highly recommend to do it in a less crowded area, without anyone watching it, other than the photographer and videographer, to minimize outside interference or the fear of people seeing their reaction.

In my experience, the more intimate the better. And also, the more time reserved for the first look, the better the photos will turn out. Do not think it can be done extremely fast and you'll still get the same breathtaking results. While I'm really experienced at making things work at this point, time really influences the coverage of the first look and of the wedding as a whole.

More time means being able to explore more location options, more angles and an actual break for you and your partner to be able to take it all in. The couple always have so much to say and hardly can take their hands of each other after the first look. And sometimes make up needs retouching due to all the tears flowing and it is the perfect moment to hydrate as well. Do not try to rush things! Enjoy the ride, live the moment, and forget about the chaos around you for a second. It is ok! 

The moment right after the first look is also a great opportunity to take some couple and individual portraits at that location, which may be impossible after the wedding officially starts and guests are everywhere. So when couples ask me about the first look I say "JUST DO IT". Really? Yes, really! One of the biggest fears is that having a first look would take away from when you see each other at the altar, but that is a huge myth! Plus, even if you want to go the traditional route, a first look is always a good idea since it can be done with the bridesmaids, siblings or parents in lieu of your partner.


♥ Get out of the ordinary and secure creative photos for the wedding album

♥ All shots come out awesome, loaded with emotion and feeling

♥ A unique moment for the couple to enjoy each other on their special day

♥ It can make a couple less nervous and anxious at the time of the ceremony

♥ The couple do not have to miss the party to take pictures, since everything can be done beforehand!

And here are some examples of awesome first looks!

Hannah and Anthony:

This fabulous couple decided to have their first look at the dock by the Chattahooche River at their wedding venue in Roswell, GA. They chose to have their wedding held at Roswell Riverlanding, a beautiful and affordable venue North of Atlanta in Georgia.

Eliza and Cameron:

This couples first look took place during their bridal session at Cator Woolford Gardens in Atlanta. This saved them even more time during the wedding day, since they didn't have to reserve a ton of time for portraits that day. Less work, more party! That's a motto to live by!

Asia and Holly:

These amazing ladies had their first look at an overlook platform by the cabin they got married at in Blue Ridge, GA. We did their portraits right after so after the ceremony, family formals took place and they were able to take a quick break before the reception.

Sara and Kent:

These two were some of the most elegant people I had the pleasure to photograph! Their first look took place in front of the Biltmore Ballrooms where their wedding was held. This was a very nice high end wedding and they were so happy, it shows!

First Look with Bridesmaids:

Although there’s nothing quite like your first look with your partner, the first time your best friends and siblings see you all dressed up is an irreplaceable moment!

Nikki and her Bridesmaids:

Nikki`s wedding was one of the events that most matched my brand and style due to the colors she chose, venue (who doesn't love a State Park? FDR State Park was an awesome choice!) and her boho bride vibes! The flower crowns made it even more whimsical and her connection to her bridesmaids and flower girls played a big role in their reaction when they saw the bride in her gown for the first time!

Erin and her Bridesmaids:

This Southern Belle took it up a notch and had not only a first look with her bridesmaids but also one with her father! The Bridal Suite at The Georgian Terrace Hotel was a good call for this first look!

First Look with Father:

Brides most commonly plan an alternative first look with their fathers, but I've also had brides share a moment like this with their mothers or brothers. Whichever way you choose to go, just know there will be tears, there will be laughter and amazing photos to relive it all!

Erin and her Father:

Jordan, Erin`s groom, was also having some portraits done by my second shooter at the same hotel, so we had to get creative for this father/daughter first look. Luckily, this hotel is gorgeous all around and even this spot in between the elevator and beautiful marble stairs did the trick!

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