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Photography Sessions: What to wear?

Your session is already booked, but you don't know what clothes to wear?

Here are all the tips so you don't get lost in the wardrobe! 😉

If even on a daily basis we are already confused about what we will wear to go out or work, imagine in a photoshoot, whose record is forever? Certainly nobody wants to regret it later!

The location:

The choice of clothing should reflect the choice of location to fully exploit the creative capacity of the place. On the beach, wear light clothes, and if there is a need to get wet, consider this option, after all, exploring the possibilities that the place offers can guarantee unique images! Be prepared and bring a spare set of clothes! The same is true for waterfalls and places of intimate contact with nature, as you may get dirty during the session.

Light clothes in places like this also guarantee a unique balance and natural movement in the photos, but disregard this option if the place is very open and has a lot of wind. In this case, choose heavier fabrics and clothes that are tighter to the body.

Wear what you like:

It may seem cliché, but it is essential that you wear a piece of clothing that makes you feel comfortable and has your personality. Keep your personal style, whether you are a basic, casual, hippie, rocker… be you!

The color combination matters:

If you are preparing for a couple or family session, it's important that the colors of your clothes combine. This means that the color palette must be harmonious between everybody, so that there is no contrast or combinations that clashes.

Notice in the photos below how the clothes match between people:

Shoes are different for every occasion:

If the session is on the beach, you will not want to wear high heels, right? Think about your shoes according to the location where the photos will be taken and the combination of them with the rest of the clothes.

And if you don't intend to spend on new clothes that you will only wear once, stay tuned as soon we will be offering a client closet!

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