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Why Should You Bring Your Dog To Your Photo+Video Session - Atlanta Photographer

Many of my clients ask me if they should bring their dogs to the session, either engagement, maternity or family, my answer will be always the same: "Yes, please!"

Pets always make the session more fun (and much more cute!)

Couple kissing while holding their dog in a fall engagement session
I seriously can not handle the cuteness!

Our pets are part of our everyday life and are always there, in good and bad times.They are faithful and love us unconditionally! We can say that yes, they are part of the family.

And in addition to all this, the presence of your pet in the session will help you to be more relaxed. Believe me! Being in front of the cameras is not something common for most people, so being in that unusual situation can make you nervous and not knowing what to do.With your pet at your side, things start to flow better and when you realize, you were not even remembering that you were being photographed.

Did I convince you? Yes?


So here are some tips:

1) Bring some treats to help your pet cooperate.

2) Don't forget to bring water and your pet's favorite toys.

3) Relax and let them play!

Enjoy the photos!

Couple with their dog posing in a fall photo session

Couple playing with their dog in a fall photo session

woman playing with her dog in a fall photo session

maternity session with a white husky

cute white husky posing for the photo

Pregnancy session with a cute little with dog

Couple running on the beach with their dogs

Couple playing with a dalmatian at the beach

Couple having fun with their dogs at the beach

Couple kissing in front of  lake with their 2 dogs

dog jumping in front of the camera in an engagement session

Dogs wearing wooden boards in an engagement session

Photography session in a field with 2 shitzus

two shitzus posing in a photo session

woman playing with her 2 shitzus in a field

family session with dogs

familt of four posing with their 2 dogs

family of four having fun with their dogs

couple holding in the sofa with their dog

couple giving their dog a hug in front of their house

black and white photo of a couple and their dog in the sofa

couple playing with their 2 dogs in the backyard

woman peting her dog at sunset in her backyard

portait of a brown dog

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