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Why You Should Hire A Videographer For Your Wedding? // Atlanta Wedding Videographer

Updated: Jan 20, 2021

With all the hustle and bustle of wedding planning, have you ever thought about all those moments that you have dedicated so much to organizing, and in the end, not being able to watch them all? I believe you didn't think deeply about it, did you?

Your special day needs to be eternalized in many ways! A wedding has so many remarkable moments, that it would be a pity to rely solely on memory. I'm talking about the vows, the first dance, the speeches, there are countless moments that happen only once and however good the photography work, they do not capture the movements, sounds and looks that fill those beautiful moments.

As filmmaker Jean-Luc Godard said. “Photography is the truth. Cinema is the truth 24 times a second. ” But, to make a wedding video at the level of a cinema film, you can't ask friends to record on their phones and take some pictures. It is important that there is a reliable videographer behind.

A team with equipment prepared to capture the film that lives up to your day full of love and celebration. Let's talk honestly: the film is forever, and you don't want it to look like your “aunt's graduation film”. Your wedding film is too important to take any chances.

So don't give chances for regret! It is very common for couples who choose not to have the wedding video, or choose a unprepared vendor and regret it bitterly afterwards. For couples who choose to register only through photography, no matter how beautiful they look, they are still part of a different service.

The view of a videographer is different from that of a photographer, no matter how much the two services use similar equipment. Understand that one does not equate to the other, and that when hiring this should be very clear to the couple.

The wedding video is capable of capturing much more details than the photography, which includes the subtlety of the movements, reactions and expressions of the couple and guests, resulting in a dynamic film, full of joy and emotion!

The wedding goes by extremely fast and it is very difficult to pay attention to everything.

With the wedding video, the vows of love will be recorded forever. You will be able to watch, re-watch and be thrilled as many times as you want!

Nathalia Frykman Photography LLC is a team of photographers and videographers specialized in weddings based in the Atlanta area, GA, USA.

Photographing and Filming alternative, destination and intimate weddings and elopements is what we love most! Follow us on Instagram and Facebook to see more and learn about our specials.

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