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          Life is full of beautiful moments that unfortunately go unregistered. In my life, I have only one regret: not hiring a videographer for my wedding! A wedding is is sometimes the only occasion people can justify hiring a videographer. The one time you'll be able to have a good clip of you hugging grandma and a good audio of her laughter. Its the one time everyone is looking their best and unanimously happy and in a great mood! The day goes by so fast, most couples literally don't remember what happened. And you really can't "blame it on alcohol-o-o-ol"! It is just such an adrenaline rush, some couples literally black out! So you've spent thousands, sometimes hundreds of thousands planning the best day of your life and put months or years into every single detail and you won't even remember a thing? Why would you do that?


          A few thousands more and you will have the whole day captured into a beautiful video. All the emotion, attention to detail, hard work and loved ones will be frozen in time and available for you to watch whenever you feel like! I used to think I would never watch wedding videos, because, let's be honest, back in the day they were extensive, linear, boring... but have you watched any modern wedding films? Our team of videographers and I are on top of the latest techniques and best equipment available to make your wedding par to a Hollywood production! Expect to relive the love, tears, the vows in more than just a still photo. Watch how goofy uncle Bob looked on the dance floor or how your spouse surprised you during the reception with a special performance! We go above and beyond so you can sit back and watch the story of your life and love happen before your eyes. And you, my friend, is the star of your own film!

          Because we understand everyone is different, we can easily customize any of our coverage packages to suit your needs and budget. Because we are experienced, we are able to advise on how many hours of photo and video you'll need, number of photographers and videographers you should have and if you need me, Nathalia Frykman, there or will be better served by an associate photographer for any reason from specialty to budget. Because a true connection with my clients is really important, before you book, we can meet in person, chat on the phone or Skype/Facetime. 

          Couples book my services from only months to years in advance, so the sooner we talk, answer your questions and you book, the better. Most couples spend an average of $4500 in video services with us for weddings and $2800 in elopements. Family or engagement films start at $750. Travel fees are included for continental US.  However, we offer several options for couples with a luxury budget as well as those who are trying to be frugal. A signed contract and a retainer are needed to secure your date and flexible payment plans are available (monthly and quarterly options). Yes we travel! We are here for your local or destination wedding or elopement and just as excited as you are for your special day!

          Please, have in mind, you would benefit greatly from booking the same team photo and video. We have designated professionals for each function and offer bundle discounts. The value of hiring a team that works in synchrony is priceless! Working behind the scenes, we see how stressful it is for the media team to make sure they get the right shot while not being on the other professional`s way. When you bundle up services, you don't have to worry about professionals working well together, moments being missed or sending out separate payments. Its one and done. You fill up one questionnaire, have one timeline consultation and everyone is on the same page saving on time, stress and money that you could very well use for your honeymoon, am I right?

          And the best part of being a film maker is that I don't have to limit myself to weddings. I adore making family videos of precious milestones and get to be my clients forever film maker as well as photographer. You'll find examples of both wedding and family videos below. Corporate and branding videography available upon request.

          Like my style? Email to inquire or click here.

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