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About Me

Worldwide Published & Awarded Photographer

Creative Director, Filmmaker, CEO, Entrepreneur, Educator, LATINX Boss Lady, Activist & Fierce Mother.

Before we start, I believe it is important that you learn a little but about who I am. In my world, a mentor is someone you can identify with and look up to so it is vital that we connect in order for you to have the best learning experience. So here we go!

Hello! I`m Nathalia Frykman. Welcome to my realm! I am a lover of all creative arts and dive deep into things I love. I'm a firm believer that this is part of the reason why I'm able to be successful in what I do. I'm lucky to have photography and cinematography as my job as well as educating others about the craft.


What many people forget is that being an amazing photographer and videographer isn't enough. My years of experience in business with startups as well as Fortune 500 companies give me an edge when it comes to Entrepreneurship. My background in communication, journalism and ability to speak multiple languages and relate to different cultures isn't bad either. Oh yeah, did I mention I also went back to school at some point to become an educator? Just imagine the combination of the experience in creative arts and business, teaching skills and marketing techniques my students get access to when booking the mentoring experience. Years of knowledge combined in an intimate experience so you don't have to attend workshops with hundreds of photographers, pay thousands of dollars to learn and yet still get that stink eye when you ask a question or a poetic vague answer that isn't really helpful.


I am happy to teach you how I quit my job in Corporate America, became my own boss and against all odds started being more profitable than when I followed the beaten path. All while raising a special needs daughter and homeschooling my oldest child through a Cancer diagnosis. And you can do it too! Learn the creative skills you need to succeed and the marketing techniques necessary to take your business to the next level. Get to know how I pose for both candid and editorial images, work with lighting, edit and deliver all media.


Ready to tag along and change your life?  


Mentoring Experience

Every business and creative guru will tell you one major secret: FIND YOURSELF A MENTOR! No human is an island and in order to grow, we must learn from those who braved the path before us. Mentor sessions are catered to your needs as a photographer, videographer and business owner and may include information about editing, camera settings, live session/hands on training, posing/unposing, marketing, taxes, business planning, budgeting, client management tools, how I personally handle things, finding your style and niche, subscription services, how to be inspired without copying anyone, work-life balance advice and more!


What you get

Mentor sessions are not restricted to the previous list at all! The sky is the limit! I`m happy to share my years of experience in business, higher education knowledge and my entire process with mentees willing to learn. Mentoring is available online and in person and can be done one on one or you can share it with a friend. I'm glad to travel anywhere to meet you if you're more comfortable this way. Price varies from $750 to $2500 depending on the learning options you choose. There is no holding back as I support my students needs and expect them to thrive after our meeting(s). Mentorship includes a consultation call, mentoring session and a follow up meeting to answer all questions you didn't think about before starting your journey. Email for details.

Nathalia is genuine and really cares about her clients. There is no question too silly or too hard and I am grateful for her continued support even after the mentorship has ended. Nathalia has such good eye and hearing her planning a shoot is so inspiring. She is an incredible business owner and has an unlimited library of lessons for her mentees.

Linnea Geiger, Photographer

Featured on Elle & Vanity Fair

Honestly, I don’t even know where to start. All I can say is that I am so thankful I met her and I will be forever changed because of her.

  1. She was so open and caring about my success as a photographer and about sharing information. (Which is sure hard to find nowadays)

  2. She truly teaches in a way I can understand. 

  3. She made me feel like I could do and learn anything. 

 4. She did not judge me for the zillion mistakes I made or for things that took me longer to learn.


Being mentored by her is a dream! Shooting with her is amazing! Her pictures are beyond incredible and I know I will continue to Excel in this career because of her.

Nyasha Silas, Photographer

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